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The heating of the sauna, the sauna stoves

The heat is generated most commonly with an electric stove, which is filled with sauna stones. By fresh-air intake below the furnace a favored by the convection air exchange and associated high oxygen content is reached. The coils heat the stones and the environment. EOS heaters are fitted depending on the design with up to 100 kg stones. This creates a balance between radiation and convection. The sauna stones must meet high quality standards, they should have a high thermal conductivity, have a high density and are not prone to cracking. Are used primarily Olivien-diabase or periodite. In the sauna, the heated air rises to the ceiling as shown in the diagram. To obtain the typical sauna air, a preheat of 45 minutes to an hour is required. Only then can the walls and benches have heated and produce the desired indoor climate.

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The classic heaters for residential and commercial saunas. Unique is the selection of the new ovens particularly flat Filius / Bi-O Filius series to extravagant and luxurious Germanius models. Again, many improvements have been made which provide even more reliability and comfort.


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The combination of wall hidden stoves with laterally integrated evaporator pan in the oven are very flat - only 200 mm depth. The outer and inner shell made ??of stainless steel and the base plates as a drip pan design. Bi-O Star-standing heater, professional combi-standing heater with the commercial saunas are extremely robust thanks to the 3-shell construction and stainless steel.

Laterally integrated evaporator made ??of stainless steel with 5 or 10 liters (21 - 30 kW) water tank. Integrated dry-evaporator and acoustic water signal for cabins with great volume. All models are combined with each other. Small lateral heat dissipation and low noise heating, as well as the cost terminal ways are further features of this high-quality products.


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The body is covered in the steam room of a fine water shell, the pores open and regain an extra dose of moisture. Combine with the heaters or infrared technology


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