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Massages are beneficial!

Forever, man has looked for relaxation and really does a great deal to achieve it. For millennia, massage has been the easiest and most pleasant way to relax the body without exertion.

Here, massage is not only effective for tense muscles or back complaints. Studies have proven that massage not only lowers the level of the stress hormone in the body, it can even put a counter reaction in motion. The fact that massages can relieve cramping and at the same time stimulate the circulation and metabolism in the skin and muscles is known to almost everyone today.

Contact and massages are essential: babies and newborns develop better, healthy persons increase their sense of well-being and sick persons recover faster.
Contact and massage are known to make your more attractive. Tissue has better circulation and is tighter. This is quite simply on the side.

Over time, many forms of massage have emerged. Depending on the type of massage, the lifestyle, or complaint, different methods of massage lead to the desired success.

Do something good for yourself! Enjoy the possibilities that Dr. Kern offers in the area of massages.



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