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Pferdetherme now placed at Pferdeoase Ovelgönne

After 21 years of development of infrared technology for heat cabins and the production of infrared technology and cabins for humans, due to demand in the spring of 2009 and determined to our knowledge and experience, developed infrared treatment for horses and larger animals.

The approach was both stationary and mobile systems that achieve maximum success in health care and health maintenance of the horses with a minimum of energy expenditure. For heating equipment our infrared horsetherm we use our patented heat radiator, our microprocessor control, as well as our patented color light application.

When using our systems, which are already thousands of times in the human domain for the application, we can provide our experience and the quality of our products the same long warranty periods. In diseases of the respiratory tract of the horse, we recommend using our evaporator unit. The evaporator unit can also be used to regenerate or preventive.
As a further highlight, we have our color light application. This is the application of the primary colors: red, yellow, green and blue. The effect of color on the psyche and on internal organs is demonstrated by the application in humans. As the first system an open aluminum construction for stationary applications in horse stalls was made​​.

The first horse spa for horse boxes was tested in various stables. At the same time these horses Therm was also made available to the members of equestrian clubs. For this purpose, a box has been removed and re-laid two electrical leads, each with 230V and 16 A fuse to the installation location. Since September, the horses Therme is used regularly by horses with different clinical pictures. The energy consumption is low, as the horses max. 60 min. - Set - depending on the clinical picture.

This heat is not only wellness!

Comfortable warmth in conjunction with herbal steam serves not only the well-being, but also the recovery after tournaments, training or race. Modern medicine uses the heat with great success for many years with more and more diseases in humans as prophylaxis and therapy. The aim of our applications in diseases of the horse is to give the horses gentle aids to recovery, regeneration, reduce stress, build the body's defenses, pain management, monitoring and support to medical treatment.                                                                                                  

Infrared radiation as heat and their properties by Dr. med. Vet. Hrabowski

Infrared radiation is not only short-wavelength light, but it exerts its holistic effect only in the long-wave "INFRARED - C" areas. Only these long-wave infrared heat radiation alone generated by the Infra Vital heat radiators. Long-wave infrared radiation (IR-C) exerts its best effect by the penetration into the upper layers of the skin and the heating of the capillaries present in the blood and lymph. The heated body fluids are continuously transported to the body core. On the way there is a holistic heating of the body. Increasing the core body temperature can be between 0.5 ° C and up to 1.5 ° C. The increase in the core temperature is dependent on the constitution of the horse, the duration of the treatment and the level of temperature.

What is the effect?

The circulation is stimulated, the body's cells are heated, blood pressure is regulated organs and tissues are activated, the metabolism is stimulated, muscles  relax, the oxygen uptake is activated, nutrients are better utilized, inflammation and pain are removed, drug effect is supported (eg heparin), the circulation is stabilized, the period of convalescence is shortened, the immune system is strengthened. These effects are solely the result of the increased heating through infrared - heat radiation in the long wavelength infrared region. Infrared heat treatment takes place at temperatures between 30 ° C and 60 ° C, there is no dehydration of the skin. In other words, it is the "self-healing of the body" is activated.      

The use of heat therapy

Prophylactic Metaphylactically Orthopedic Internistic
Warming the muscles before ride Performance boost Muscle tightness Respiratory diseases
Prevention of muscle irritation Increase of Metabolism Joint diseases Urinary tract
Strengthening the immune system Regeneration after ride Edema of the limbs    Cramp colic
Muscle warming before Physiotherapy Weight reduction  Edema of the soft tissues   kin diseases
Osteopathy / chiropractic     Hypertension

Reports on the treatment of infrared horse-therm

Case 1 .:

Holsteiner mare 7 years old with the following illnesses:

Poor general condition, malnourished, Mauke with cellulitis to the hock, urinary tract infection, mites in long hair.


First meetings in the infrared thermal bath two daily 45 min.

After 15 sessions of the period was on every weekday 45 min over a period of four weeks changed.

The temperature:

All sessions were conducted at 60 ° C.

After initial aggravation of Mauke, was made the first significant improvement in the general condition. This was followed by a detoxification (sour smell) of faeces. Next, it was found that the decay Mauke and a decrease of cellulitis. The mites could no longer be detected after 20 sessions.

The urinary tract infection could not be determined at the end of the treatment period. All pretreatments of Mauke over a period of two months with

conventional therapies by various veterinarians were unsuccessful! The Mauke was healed at the end of the applications in the infrared thermal bath.

Time and costs

Overall, the applications were 26.25 hours performed..

Assuming an electricity price of 20 € cent per kWh and a

Equipping the spa with 14 IR emitters with 400 W = 5600 W / hr. (5.6 kWh)

The following calculation of the cost of electricity:

Per hr. To 5.6 KW consumed x 0,20 € yields a consumption of 1.12 € per hour

Ernergieaufwand: 26.25 hours x € 1.12 = € 29.40.

Case 2 .:

Arabs Haflinger Gelding 18 years old with the following disease:

Edema formation in the abdominal and thoracic Gamaschenbereich.


First meetings in the infrared thermal bath two daily 45 min.

After 15 sessions of the period was 45 min on a daily basis over a period

varied from 4 weeks. First took place after the second session a significant aggravation,

edema were greatly enlarged. After the 15th Session of the edema were no longer detectable.

There are, however, still below prophylactically conducted meetings at irregular intervals.

Case 3 .:

Riding Pony Mare 20 years old with severe osteoarthritis

The horse was due to the severe pain no longer rideable.


There were 20 sessions carried out in the infrared thermal bath 2x daily.

After the first 5 sessions a gain of lameness was evident.

The mare could be moved only with difficulty.

The condition of the mare improved in the subsequent sessions


At the end of treatment, the mare was to ride hamstrung free.

Case 4 .:

Arabian Gelding 25 years old with arthritis.

The horse is currently at irregular time intervals (2 x per week) set in the IR-Therme.

After each session in the infrared, a significant improvement in lameness is detected.


The application of infrared heat radiation is a natural and inexpensive method for use in various diseases of horses.

The applications should, however, be carried out in consultation with the veterinarian, since this knows the particular disease and the therapeutic applications should control horses Therme in the infrared.

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