Solar Application

Rays of hope for you!

Man gets light and heat, energy and food from the sun.

Even in early history, man recognised the healing power of solar radiation. The effects of light and its influence on the daytime control of the body, on the central nervous system, and on the hormone balance are manifold. In turn, many life processes such as, for example, sleep, digestion, and the metabolism, are dependent on it. Light influences our productivity and concentration. We begin to flourish in broad sunlight!

The skin is the one organ in our body with the greatest surface area. It fulfils many functions. For example, it provides an elastic cover to our inside organs and protects them from the outside world. It serves as a sense organ, helps to regulate temperature, is involved in the immune system, and shapes our appearance. The skin reflects our souls and often reacts to the slightest change to the overall organism (hormonal influences) or to the environment (e.g. stress).

Modern light therapy in dermatology is a tried and proven, recognised form of treatment for various indications.

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